Adsense original article two or three things a the correct attitude towards originality

read two articles about the webmaster in A5 received original issues related to the two article today on the home page: A5 submission must know the ten point is submission by A5 edit audit is very simple (on) and A5 contribute ten points through the A5 submission must know actually edit the audit is very simple (under) the Submission A5 encourage the webmaster for some problems the attitude of the original and the owners should pay attention to the summarized, also analyzes the A5 contribution, which articles are more popular, how to write more easily through the. As a platform for webmaster information exchange, Admin5 webmaster network has been provided for the webmaster a contribution platform, the main contributors have two main purposes, one is to share communication, and two is to promote publicity. Especially Adsense nets weight and flow higher, contribute to stay links can play the role of the chain. Adsense network is for many years for the webmaster to provide a soft platform, for webmaster service, only today’s achievements. But the soft advertising does not represent, for the owners of the quality and originality of the submission, A5 also has a high demand today to talk about those things webmaster original articles, as some of the A5 submission must know ten points.

has always spared no effort in emphasizing and encouraging originality. A5 has always spared no effort. You have the honor to participate in the A5 held a forum Zatan District essay contest, from the beginning of a competition to the quality of the original article plagiarism, then the higher the. We report the district award can be said to play a very good guide. While the A5 is being held in the forum "enjoy life and enjoy the ceramics" essay activities, you can get involved in fine ceramics and thousands of yuan in cash, some participants read articles, basically no plagiarism phenomenon, the quality is commendable. The original article can improve the webmaster to promote the soft writing level, and is a kind of learning to exercise their own, can active owners in writing thinking, by reference to other articles to find all kinds of information, can let the webmaster to learn more knowledge of the operation and promotion. So, the webmaster writing articles must be original, reference can be encouraged, because to Webmaster Help, can improve. Pseudo original feasible, but definitely not advocated, especially with software, because the webmaster did not help, no improvement.

webmaster, please keep the manuscript

a webmaster found me today for deleting the manuscript. He said he was writing directly in the article editor and did not keep the manuscript. This problem is not the first time, before there are many webmaster to edit the response to this problem. Because the A5 home page does not have a recycle bin function, the number of articles submitted every day is over three hundred. If the articles that are not passed are left without deletion, the editing work will be affected. Therefore, the audit does not meet the requirements, will be deleted directly. Here to the webmaster said sorry, will later with the revision upgrade and solve this problem. And this stationmaster also puts forward doubt, why delete manuscript not to inform a client?. This question is indeed worth considering, and it is necessary to add this function. But it has also been unable to do so because of the complexity of the workload

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