Local industry station to develop to achieve stability accurate ruthless is the key

grassroots webmaster, we do is to make money, but also need to make money faster, now is the Internet portal in the Warring States period, all others, although the industry website is considered the most easily profitable website but every industry almost has one or several sites in the station dominate the forest, they have strong capital backing we feel the power of one person is so thin. In addition to the local site and in 2010 the Internet group purchase is a wind scraping outside the grassroots webmaster about the topic, everyone wants to make a difference in their own third of an acre, because our own most about our own life of the city, and the local sites do not need to invest too much, then I do we ask the local + industry station is not at present grassroots long gold combined earnings? I personally think that is because of the Alibaba and other industry leader is not HC subdivision and cannot cover every corner of this gave an opportunity to the grassroots. So, in order to achieve profitability, we need to do what? Combined with the author’s operation Weifang Training Network – training experience, here and we explore,


is the first to steady. The dictionary of stability is interpreted as: "stability" and "fixation". Extended here, stability is the first webmaster mentality to smooth, online site after the resistance to promote and update, the chain slowly increase, can’t be impatient, cannot violate Baidu search rules. Baidu is not slow, but you have to study for a period of time, you may engage in nearly a month or even a few months Baidu has not happened, this time you want to check it is not a violation of the place or method is not proper in the circumstances to determine no work and don’t give up halfway Baidu soon to you the olive branch.

means the server must be stable. The new station on the line, Baidu included the first you have to have the server is stable, there will be a period of probation before Baidu included, which of course is taken to inquire about the stability of the web spider, the spider will often smoothly to climb, the stability of the site spider from time to time to visit, in the premise of not sensitive information Baidu will add to your site’s sense of trust, then the site is Baidu included, if the site bursts open or open very slowly so the spider can be excluded, Baidu will be considered unfriendly and then lost to the site trust from no dealings with. Suggest that you buy the space to ask before you know the webmaster friends, they will recommend to you better, do not listen to advertising, word of mouth effect is important, let the customer to give you a demonstration site you can test, for the company reputation or how good products you can use Baidu Search very helpful the. For example, my training is a friend recommended domestic double line access space, the speed is very fast, and this is also my site is quickly included an important reason.

again, be sure to: the word dictionary is interpreted as correct, not deviated. Extended to the web site is up to the site positioning, and target customers and service people to be accurate, the location of the site determines the fate of the site, this is not exaggeration. People often >

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