Financing 100 million O2O model the temple library to luxury second hand shop into high end living

I dark horse note: this second-hand luxury goods trading company just got D round of $100 million financing. Founder Li Rixue cut through the sale of second-hand luxury goods, is selling luxury goods from the line to the next line, to create an unprecedented high-end consumer gathering place in china.

SOHO Galaxy in Chaoyangmen is shaped like a sci-fi film, in which the temple library, the entire office space is a circle, like the "2001 space roaming" concise bright cabin. The company has just received $100 million in D rounds. Li is the founder and CEO of the temple library, and the people from Jiangxi.

, in his impression, junior high school students have to go to work in Guangdong, earn seven hundred or eight hundred pieces a month, when his teacher’s father, a monthly income of less than one hundred yuan. Looking at the foot of new shoes "classmate, he envy. After two years of work, the 24 year old Li Rixue carries 3000 dollars to Shandong to start business and do household electrical appliance trade. During the past ten years, several ups and downs, a company of the worst was an accident of the fire burned off.

in 2008, Li realized financial freedom and was determined to set up the temple library. The motive is simple: many friends often say that the things bought from abroad do not have the corresponding maintenance and after-sale in China. At the same time, when many things are bought, the pictures are fresh and they are thrown away at home.

Li Rixue believes that the huge stock of second-hand goods has been formed, the market will increase with consumer spending power and enhance the level of consumption and growing. Temple library online line soon put forward the company’s mission: let the world do not idle resources.

Three months after

, the temple library first line stores in Ji’nan was established, the customer holding the refrigerator, TV and toys to consignment. Li Rixue soon found that the low price of the goods in circulation and management spent a lot of energy and financial resources, returns are far less than the list of name packages, so decided to focus on more income can bring more luxury goods.

clear after Li Rixue, the company moved to Beijing, located in the "second-hand luxury goods trading platform", and opened a store in Jianwai SOHO. Three, the beginning has got the state appraisers qualification. Experience for polished service, Li Rixue from the United States and Japan, the chief surveyor, the formation of the temple library luxury appraisal center, expand the supply for the user, consignment goods and brands of goods agents (the corresponding profit model respectively for the service fee, the agent is pumped into and brand Koudian). In 2011, the temple library received $10 million investment in the IDGA round.

The general cognitive

with "IDG investment is mainly to see people", Li Rixue believes that the Xiong Xiaoge Temple library the first value is the trend: "although we love to talk about this, but for a mature risk investment, it must be to look at the industry, find a suitable business model in the trend, found again in this business model.

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