A startup team makes ten mistakes that are easy to make in user experience

how can I enhance the user experience of my website (or application)? This is a common and no standard answer. Especially for start-up teams and products, the factors involved in this problem are varied. Fortunately, there are some rules of practice that can help us move in the right direction. In this article, we’ll look at the possible mistakes made by the start-up team in shaping the product experience and how to avoid them.

why should startup teams pay special attention to user experience

good user experience can increase customer satisfaction, enhance product quality and image quality, and then promote your business better forward. If you have a product that will be acceptable to many people, the job of marketing will be a lot easier. In addition, the experience of good products can greatly reduce the cost of customer service, but also help the team or company you create a positive public relations influence, to lay a solid foundation for future business development.

on the contrary, a bad user experience will have a huge negative impact on startup teams and products. Bad news will spread like wildfire, and if users are unhappy, they will spread negative word of mouth, and in severe cases your product will be hard to turn over.

, I love the words "Dharmesh Shan", an entrepreneur, "don’t try to please the user; it’s important to make happy users through the product."."


from the beginning, through the good experience, so that products in the minds of users to establish a positive image, which is more than the user dissatisfaction, and then try to change the face, it is much easier. A good user experience is by no means defined by a huge investment or large customer service team. It is a concept that revolves around the product cycle. It is an attitude and culture.

UX (user experience) and customer experience

smart team will always focus on customer value at the core, and through a full set of experience strategy to dig into it. This strategy covers many aspects, such as user experience, brand and marketing, and aims to create a unique experience model for customers. (related reading: differentiation and strategy of iOS user experience)

in the past, a lot of offline business based companies are wrong to believe that even if their web site is not so easy to use, it will not have much problem, after all, the line is the focus. Today, this concept is difficult to hold, because each point of contact between the user and the company will be related to the overall sense of customer experience. In this competitive market environment, many new players will pop their eyes and look for opportunities to break through in areas where the user experience has not yet been truly done.

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