The theory that fire is dead is an inspiration for Web Operations the simpler the functionality the

this year in the Internet circle most is to see a variety of products and then hot moment of death, the beauty brought wonderful fireworks and waves too much, but it is not life, the Webmaster Station always needs a long-term business model, rather than a fire one died of flowers.

case: "a fire dies"

this kind of case should be regarded as the most frequent mobile phone online games, "two things on the Internet recently the hottest star drug" and "ice bucket challenge" will lead to a variety of small game: looking for Jaycee Chan, "hamster" poured ice bucket celebrities and so on, these games can be said to instantly burst red circle of friends, it is a pity persistence is not strong, hot + fresh birth out hot, nutrition after instantly declined.

then there is APP, face MOE, magic map, YO and so on, tell us a similar truth: the simpler the function, the more easily swept into hot spots.

what we can pick up from the web site operations knowledge:

site early, must be simple, only to grasp the core function of

, but simple does not mean no value, fire a dead APP, mobile phone online games and so on, tell us two principles: first, simple, easy to drive rapid rise; two, no core function, after all, just a dead end.

The use of

ice bucket challenge star drug, do game "developer" value is not the game "product", but they are hot "flow", play marketing means, really put this hot birth of the game when the main product is too early, fearless.

just play "Chinese station maximum", "the world’s most advanced", "the universe’s most dazzling" might be a YY level, is a personal webmaster do not, because no human capital have no experience, they cannot play


website development period: step by step plus function

is about the period of development, step by step, but no matter how much the function of gradually increasing, we can not forget the core functions of the site, an interesting looking people tend to do better than the beautiful but not outstanding people are more likely to be remembered, since the object of the same people, so the website construction also need to highlight the "core" let the user at a glance, and remember that website is a good website.

the early Internet, may not need too much depth and specialization, after all, there have been few competitors, is needed, the user also happens to be in the early stage, aesthetic has a fresh sense of support, but the site development stage is different, the function must be gradually improved.

note that not all all functions to the site with more than one function, think more of a market? Do good, do not just give yourself buried in a pit, manpower and material resources are not enough cases or less maintenance function to correct.

anyway, >

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