Reflect on the defects of the current webmaster websites

many people all know A5 and Chinaz, in addition to the two station sites boss, and many personal Adsense website, or less well-known sites, all types of websites many webmaster number. But how these sites run now? For example: w3so station network, this is a personal webmaster website, you may have heard, but the long-term website reprint articles others, and adhere to the original source without the acquisition of software is said to have. The Internet reprint articles others links with the situation for granted, it makes a lot of hard work to write the original webmaster do not feel shame on his website, the article also is not included, the others will be reproduced, but also without the address. In my opinion, personal Adsense want to operate a portal type of Web site, the difficulty is too great, for content, there is no way to guarantee, so can only reprint, but reprinted more than always will be a problem. At present, stationmaster kind website runs encountered the following a few shortcomings:

first: a large number of reprinted articles, the content of the lack of uniqueness,

in addition to A5 and Chinaz, most of the webmaster site to reprint articles, this content will be stereotyped, as a grassroots webmaster, I will go to A5 and Chinaz to read some articles and website information. Of course not to some small webmaster website to see, because the content is the same, so the small webmaster website also has its own original content, the content should be unique and attractive, many owners of such sites are the individual operators, the content is very difficult to do this. But by submission of the way to get a lot of original content, to encourage personal webmaster to your website submission, but first you have to make your website a little weight, you can also collect fast, the article give with a link address, which do not fit for the new station. To tell the truth the original content is not necessarily the quality of the content, the articles are too many, too many similar articles, for SEO articles, I think you can not overdo sth. this type of article, has been quite rampant, so some webmaster website articles refused to contribute SEO.

webmaster user group according to the experience can be divided into novice and veteran, beginners need some basic knowledge and site operation knowledge, such as knowledge based optimization. Veteran is love deeper to the article, some operation experience, preferably for different types of websites, such as game sites, movie websites, the content will be more targeted, real owners share their experience and experience, even if it is the primary thing is very meaningful. Content to meet the user experience, the content must be able to attract users. "People have me fine, I have none, I really love this sentence, in fact, do stand and life, every site has its own soul and character, this website has humanistic charm, imitation and repetition of things can never really attract users.

second: what kind of webmaster site can bring to the webmaster



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