My knowledge and experience to Wangzhuan

I contact Wangzhuan not long time, compared to the old webmaster is a novice, probably from the beginning of the end of 2006 to do, that’s when the GG environment is still relatively relaxed, it is more handy, but my heart had such a pattern feel helpless and crisis the advent of the feeling! You can imagine, an international company will allow you to mix cheat money? As a person is the entrance to the University by cheating, the achievements of this pattern? Distasteful also gradually get confirmed, in 2007 December began a large-scale GG cut the number, resulting in a large number of so-called "personal webmaster" unemployed. To tell the truth, I rely on the survival of the individual owners cheating a little recognition, this is not to say that all of us in the negative way of life and way of thinking, but I think everyone is in such a state of mind after a conclusion: once you enter the cheat circle to make money, you will be more and more thinking progress will become more and more accustomed to some of the more common way to reach your destination! There is no doubt that everyone has to choose their own way of life and work of the freedom to abide by the law under the premise, but I think we live life is not easy, why not let yourself in a more positive and advanced life attitude to improve their


network development today is really more and more people see the network of business opportunities, but also let more and more people threw into the network to make money in the army, but what is the truth? A speech about this network industry prospects, about the future, about talent gap, that has not yet been reached we expected the scale, of course I am not saying that this scale of population size, I mean the benefits of scale! Plus size can be expected to limited prospects are brought to join blind endless crowd! For those who have engaged in computer or electronic information network or related industry, they continue to engage in the Internet industry is completely consistent with the truth, for those who love computer network technology, and love to study and learn, they will also be accepted in this field, but those do not have real The skill, but naive to think that the network can achieve their dreams of wealth, I really do not know how to define your way to you! Do the network whether it will or not, probably the majority of young people, young people will inevitably face many choices, so I think a lot of young people to join in is in your life at least the short life made a decision: to make money fast! But we really make money in those people on the network, we can find a reason, only 3 people can earn money: the first is the real technology, and always holds the first network the position of the information and technology, and the innovation and development of people. They are the architects of the network and create a new era of the pioneers, they earn money is purely their own labor need, this is inevitable! The second category is those who do industrial accumulated a large sum of money, and then use their own industrial accumulation and industrial operation to arrest people who kill them on the network, money >

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