My view on the five stages of personal website development

now the site of more and more enterprises and individuals, especially the number of individual owners has obtained rapid growth, no matter how policy changes, personal webmaster for their own dream of passion, the market network is always full of vitality and creativity, the wisdom of human beings has never been so play the most incisive. Road is very far, even if there are still some thorns, but it can not stop the pace of our progress, now I have to develop the site to undergo five stages of their own analysis, but also a personal point of view:

first stage: this stage is the most difficult for website development, the need to constantly enrich the content of the website promotion to this, and to enrich the content and promotion are responsible for site management, so the cause of this when the workload is very large, and this is only one aspect of the work. Really want to seek development, must constantly do in front of two work in the cultivation of loyal users to a website, or interest, or to a common concept, or to a certain interest, form a core group, this group is the driving force for the further development of the website they will move forward together, and you will support your work, will give you spiritual encouragement, will give you better advice and suggestions, so that you are not a person in combat. A lot of people only know what to do to promote content, but forgot to communicate with your users, so that there will never be a loyal user base. Set up a few QQ groups, and communicate with your users, you will progress. Always remember an idea: the network effect that stems from the user contribution is the core of the website development. The basic goal of this stage is to enrich the content of the website, promote the work in place, and establish the core user base. I haven’t talked about site positioning here, but I’m still talking about it. Please ask yourself: how big is your website and how big is the market?. If a project you can’t stick to for more than three years, try not to do it,

second stages: understanding the importance of online trading behavior, because the basic purpose of building websites is to make money. In short, it is to make money. What is the core of the market economy? That is to maximize the realization of the smooth flow of goods, wealth is generated in the circulation, and the circulation of the core is trading behavior, only to realize the trading behavior of the entire circulation is not completed. The website is nothing more than to make circulation transactions become more rapid, the cumulative rate of wealth becomes faster, so it has a greater development of the market economy. The site includes basic transactions (I am from a narrow angle said):1, as the platform directly as the seller, the goods, or virtual goods can expect the interests of sales to the buyer to complete the transaction behavior; 2, the seller’s website as a propagandist, the seller or the seller to sell information to the buyer, such as advertising on the basic belong to this category, actually this kind of propaganda is to complete the transaction; 3, directly to the seller delivers the goods, virtual goods or benefits can be expected sales to the buyer, for example, now more hot Taobao customers belong to this. >

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