Small station half a month data station an hour to go

Hi, everybody, I’m sad now. I’m the wholesale online webmaster. I work hard every day to organize and edit the articles. I spent half a month collecting a lot of wholesale market information on the "" under this page.

today, when I was on my last website, I found that an ad position on that site appeared all the time. I was familiar with the titles (all my own titles, I knew it well). I’ll open it. I found all my data, and it was completely transferred within 1 hours. (below is the map. Some webmasters have seen this code, in the ad "Qihoo")


my station is building soon. After he turns over, my station certainly won’t be collected by search engine 5555555555. It’s so sad! I found a copy of the code after I found it, but the code doesn’t work for the station owner. What should I do,


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