One side is the side is not be besieged on all sides listed on the new board or line PO

you can go to IPO waiting three years listed; can also be the first to three new board listing, pending the development of three new board itself, it can change brought by further stratified transactions, or wait for A shares after the registration system implemented, and then transfer to A shares.

three new board companies are facing great difficulties, especially those who lack the strength of the backdoor listing, but they are not willing to be listed companies full control of the three new board companies.

when the new board listened to these three new board companies mouthing and the other side line IPO besieged on all sides; but no, they should choose the decide on what path to follow,


for this problem, the new three Board companies must first understand the key points: what can bring the new three board, and what will hinder, if you choose IPO, then what will be faced with the risk of


three new board of the benefits of

China is facing a multi-level capital market, and the new three board increasingly become an important foundation for the capital market.

in particular, the new three business registration system mode of operation is extended from the first day down, these years have gained rapid development. December 19, 2016, three new board 10000th listed companies, and finally entered the era of ten thousand, marking the new three board market has become the world’s largest securities trading venues.

a securities trading place must have at least two basic functions:

financing function

transaction function

on the current situation, in terms of financing functions, the performance of the new board is still good; however, the new three board trading function is still very short.

from the point of view of the details, the new three board financing function in a certain role played an alternative to the B round and C round of financing functions. If a company has good prospects for development, then listed three new board is conducive to more convenient to valuation, in order to attract more financing.

new board financing function is not ideal contrast trading function comparison.

According to

data show that in 2015 the total trading volume of 10 times as many as the new three board market in 2014 than the new three board market trading will increase, however, the annual trading volume of 15 years is not as good as the bull market A shares 1 hours of trading volume. 2016 full year trading volume is still not optimistic.

if we consider from the expert company three new board market, for example, a large brokerage firm, PE and star company, trading volume in the rest of the company is not good. Data show that more than half of the companies did not even reach a deal for a whole year.

therefore, the wealth effect is weakened with the lack of trading function.

for the current three new board market, it should be seen as a " display board " its main function is shown in the convenience of financing and alternative private more reasonable.


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