Millet Baidu Tencent best operating method easy to operate

many people think that the operation is a very simple thing, who can easily get started, however, a truly qualified operation is not so simple as imagined. New knowledge and dry goods are needed every day. The concept of mobile is a place for new media personnel and Internet operators to provide dry goods, and every day there is a big coffee industry to share the latest developments.

one, the relationship between product and operations

When it comes to operations,

says the relationship between products and operations:

first, product quality assurance, which is the basis for the operation of the work, attention should be paid to the quality of products provided, good quality monitoring;

second, concerned about user operations, the quality of the product is also gradually feedback and correction, good communication with users, and timely adjustment of operational priorities;

third, concerned about changes in the environment (the status of similar products). A product to do these three operations, at least to maintain its vitality.

two, will be human

after all, operation is dealing with users and people, so a good operation "will be human" is the first step, at least this is also the first step to communicate with people.

, if a person will not communicate with people, not confused, and there is no good friends, then the operation is definitely a failure, apparently even into the user group, the basic ability of this circle are not.

of course, the concept of being a man is also very extensive, the kernel is that it will not communicate and do things for others.

three, sensitive

The second is to

sensitive, the word is sometimes derogatory, but from the post operation of speaking, I feel absolutely positive. A dull person cannot operate product operation of users, operators like marketing, not a single point of the explosive success, also see that success is not a battle, but need hard grinding out, in practice continue to adjust.

if you don’t have the sensitivity and sensitivity to find out the user’s emotions and problems and only through some user feedback, you’re doomed to be passive and just like a customer service.

four, global view

and then have a global view. Although operations also need ideas, need idea, but said before, there is still a lot of difference between operations and marketing promotion. What you do is a long-term business. You sometimes have to think about it all the time and consider the next step before you make the first move. Sometimes achieving a goal may require two steps, three steps, or even four steps.

five, operation

is like a pregnancy. It takes time to see it. Product initial stage, is a particularly tough stage, whether it is fans base or user growth is a relatively low stage, you do not even know you are busy every day in the end can not

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