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site acquisition, is the site administrator will extract the relevant fields of others or part of the station, posted to their website system in. Web related documents can also be saved to local, such as pictures, attachments and so on. Web site collection is the personal webmaster must face things, no one has the energy and ability to batch creation of original information. When you are the weight of the high site acquisition time, hope you hate collection, collection tools disappear from this world; but when you start to collect, you want the world collection tools more powerful and better! Well, we just don’t talk about the acquisition, acquisition or tool is good or bad, this talk is collected the operation of the road


before that, I think we should first determine the advantages of the acquisition station:

1, content acquisition station need not worry, tens of millions of Internet data, taking


2, the collection station does not need manpower, it can operate automatically.

Disadvantages of

acquisition station:

usually collects the content of the station, because of the excessive duplication of information with the Internet, resulting in the weight of the search engine is not high, such as poor rankings or not included. Through the comparison we can see that the acquisition station has manual station efficiency completely different, he can easily make a tens of thousands of the site, but the disadvantages are also obvious, so, want to operate the collection station, the main point is to increase the weight of the website, so that the article does not repeat, so that the weight of the search engine to improve so, there are two kinds, the specific method of


the first kind, collection change original. This method is very simple, but also very complex, simple is that it only needs to be collected in a pseudo original, in the eyes of the search engines, it is a new article, said it is difficult, it is because the pseudo original processing technology usually is likely to cause the reader cannot read what it is what a waste paper.

second, sneak through certain means to make the original variable collection, collecting the original! This way before, as long as it is funneled through the search engine rankings included the principle that, here, we first look at Baidu is how to determine the original or a collection of information is a message! 1. – -2. – Baidu -3. Baidu spider – 4. spider included this page – 5. audit rules – 6. storage and shows the results in a regular Baidu according to the information from the collection to display results on this basic steps! Generally speaking, Baidu will be in the fifth step the original judgment and ranking position of.

then, for the slow Web sites that Baidu spiders come from, diligent websites, and Baidu spiders, the 1 to 4 steps are the primary and non original major contention times. For a column, if I released the links of the process network article, the article is original, but due to the development of Baidu to the just, the weight is not high, not often, spiders ran so after an article, Baidu spider may be up to second days to my station, but there is a Baidu high weight website Collection > I

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