Real community products phpwind7 3

March 20th, phpwind officially upgraded to version 7.3, so a night finally brush out, I think this is an important step to update the phpwind community strategy, compare the fire now SNS fried, commonly used SNS Social Network Site: the full name, namely "the social network" or "social network". Individuals believe that UCHOME’s similar product is nothing more than a dating program, a closed personal blog cluster, using some of the so-called interactive plug-ins to achieve what it calls interactivity". More successful domestic SNS, school, 51, happy and so on, these stations registered almost stereotyped. UCHOME everywhere in addition to the home interface, the tip is different, and its content is the same, currently relying on similar pet game plug-in to pull visitors means is already very low-level, most users have been immune. Its propaganda method is also very vulgar, home page put a few beautiful pictures, in order to attract visitors registration, of course, this one hundred test is not good, but also the most effective.

I don’t love to UCHOME a similar product called "community", the upper I also illustrates the main role of this product, the small owners do not want to use this product, I believe that concentrate on forum webmaster also hope that more active their jars, the user viscosity is higher, it is a pity that Kang Sheng this set of product release that I can’t see any helpful places on the forum, the installation procedure is complicated, after the upgrade imposed several sets of products, so that I don’t fully understand the meaning of UCHOME Kang sheng.

always someone will mention the concept of interactive forum, settling for 10 years, the interaction is not granted, one out of the forum and the dating program, have any value? The foreign FACEBOOK success is very attractive, people immediately replicate the copycat version of FACEBOOK, the more successful school, 51, happy and so on, on these sites, I do not do the evaluation, they are friends, I also hope that the community is doing. In fact, the online community is no different from the real community, there is a common ground between the two, that is, visitors and owners may have common interests, hobbies, or have made a common choice. A forum must be based on a certain direction, Admin5 forum is mainly between the owner of the transaction, the other section is only auxiliary. We come here every day, because we have common needs, or is already a habit, even if there is nothing to come to see, this is viscosity, an emotion.


owners will choose to settle here, probably because there is lots of good, or the surrounding environment is good, the price is relatively cheap. Do not leave the community keep people still want to see the webmaster is not really stand for the members to consider the perspective of the phpwind7.3 version, bring me the feeling that this version of the real consideration to the needs of its users, the forum is very traditional mode, visitors may have some other psychological requirements, they may would like to recognize a common topic with their friends.

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