Understand the user’s browsing habits increase advertising revenue

in the era of Internet information expansion, users are just passing through, rarely will seriously browse a web page, an article, improve the user click through rate, largely to allow users to inadvertently delayed. With this in mind, we’ll dissect the user’s browsing habits.

I analysis from my own point of view, everyone can according to their friends habits to analyze, basically the same:

1: when I look at an unimportant web page, I scan it from the top left to the right, then down a little, then from the left to the right, then follow the left to the left. Read an article before, statistical user browsing habit is probably so, showing F type;

two: my mouse is on the right. When browsing the web, the mouse arrow is used to the right of the screen. When you scroll down, the mouse will click on the right side of the screen, scroll down,

three: when looking at the article, used to put the mouse arrow on the text, select the text, read a few lines, then select the following text, and then drag the mouse selected.

this is my browsing habit. At first, I think my habits will be due to my reasons for working online, but I gradually find that my classmates and friends are similar in their browsing habits. I decided this conclusion to be the browsing habit of most people.

according to the above conclusion, advertising on the right side of the page can get the highest click rate.

then comes the disguise of advertising.

one: the article is usually white, black, so the advertising style should also be set to white, black, and do not border, the border will be separated from the text ads, advertising will be disguised;

two: advertising in the top right corner of the article, so that the text around the ad, so that the mouse drag to the right when it is on the ad above. Text around advertising how to do? I plan to add a DIV in the DIV, put an advertisement in the advertisement, setting DIV right float, or to look at specific page layout.

see a lot of download sites will put GG ads on the download side, set the advertising style for a small banner, GG advertising, web pages, so there will be a download message in advertising, users often delayed recall, when still a rookie users often point to advertising, or to other promotion advertising, download a Kingsoft or popular. Now I have to keep my eyes open when I go to some download sites. I admire the ideas of these designers.

Chaozhou SEO blog does not put ads on the right side of the content, is to take into account the layout of the problem, and the purpose of the blog is to exchange experience and share articles. Moreover, there is not much traffic, visitors are professionals, will not be delayed to the advertising situation.

all these are my own ideas, opinions, what is wrong, please correct me. >

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