Personal local network Entrepreneurship face or money

"my website is not profitable, what should I do?" this is a question that will always be asked at the moment, "how to make money", which is always worth studying. Has the technology, has the flow, depends on the advertisement alliance to live the website, today did not discuss, not in "the shameless face, or wants money" this topic, only talks about engages in the individual local network to start up the local personal website.

has face and wants money,

wants to keep her face and want to make money. It’s not easy for individual owners who are not in good condition, especially in the actual operation of the local station. Some webmaster do a local station, but is not to go out, just waiting for someone to offer to your bank account in RMB, in this free environment to everyone, unless your site has a strong reputation or practicality, otherwise impossible for someone to put money to you on the door. The popularity of the website is to rely on their own propaganda out slowly raised up, slowly accepted by the local people, recognized by everyone, only in the online soft publicity is impossible, how many local people not on the Internet, you have to tell them the local website to do the real work. Nothing, less on the Internet to see the soft Wen, more out of the walk, Lulu face no harm.

insists on face

insisted on face can also wait until the money to send home, during which you can guarantee no other competitors? Can you guarantee that people will not change the direction of demand? Can you guarantee that you hold on? If these cannot be guaranteed if the money can earn


website to engage in business, and engaged in the company, is to run the business, the site is just a platform, the real core competitiveness of their own, customers want you to contact the customer, you need to give their services, this face is the brand, let people know you, know that you are doing. Even if the site is a problem, or competitors appear, you are All the world knows., once the awareness and understanding of your form is not easily changed, this is the real competitiveness. Even if the website encounters a crisis and strikes temporarily, as long as you don’t say "no", you can still carry it on.

Chinese N know what Ma long, know what he was doing, in order to so many people know him, he is to let his customers know him and know him, after is to let more Chinese know him, and the world, people born with this face is to show to others and you do, I do not believe you will never meet with your customers. Don’t be afraid of people look at you, how to you, never mind that, don’t you think it is a challenge for myself, look at this disgusting lotus on the line, which are a few years, do the limelight, pockets full, condemning a film, a group of fans, as long as you have 10 people. 1 people didn’t reject you, you do it.

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