Website drop right for what kind

do webmaster may know the right to drop and K station argument, but in many cases, we all confuse the two cases, just as we promote the website and SEO confused. Then down the right site and Baidu K station in the end what is the difference? Baidu judge the quality of a website is to rank a lot of factors, we also know the website promotion for ranking is a result of a long time, because too much among the factors, you may accidentally let oneself website violated a rule, but Baidu will not because you’re a mistake your stand from the search results inside out, this is not fair is not responsible. So the search engine on your situation slightly inclusive, give you a little warning, it basically can be defined as a right down. If this happens, the webmaster is bent on himself, and the only thing that can end up with is the K station.

This year’s

6.28 event I think many webmasters should still remember, I was quite tragic, was responsible for the project nearly sixty sites, after 6.28, in mid July, in early August, three times one after another K station, to live basically now only 1/4. So many webmaster in the face of this situation, will be confused, not to where the shot (medical by K station except, because that K station does not rule out Baidu focus on the medical industry)

according to experience, the website drop right K station, mainly from three aspects of analysis, and then take further diagnosis, find the solution. The three aspect is: the analysis of website construction, the promotion of SEO in the medium term website, and the use of illegal means. If your site appears K station situation, try to find the reasons from the following three aspects.

1. Website construction

1, domain name filing. Now we can easily find that Baidu search results page directly shows the site’s record information, this situation. It may be said that Baidu is not very stable with this technology, and it will be displayed in a few days. This is a signal, we have to admit that he will later on the website’s filing information review more stringent. At the same time, search engine replicator 360 also has some information about the record information. Therefore, the site domain name for the record is very important, do not deny that Baidu will not have filed for domain name DROP right or K station.

2, server stability

web server is friendly to search engine, this is also very important, may directly affect the site’s collection and keywords ranking. If a site is often not open or very slow access speed, believe that this site is not in the search engine results page’s performance is very good, the user may click directly shut down, the search engine is the message of this site is not affected by the user at the same time for love; search engine, one day it is ready to grab the data but not to enter, and that it might take this as station has been closed, right down and K station is difficult to avoid. < >

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