What is the most important thing for webmasters to do their websites

07 years in June, in a Baidu unintentionally. To figure the king’s webmaster Trading Forum. Look east look west, just know oneself is not webmaster, out of site didn’t be rich (I was the most simple website design software " CutePage web page ", editor); this software has the advantage. As long as typing people can make a satisfactory ", making a number of later formed a website. Slowly familiar with the basic code of web page making, but using more advanced point software website. This software is too long." Macromedia Dreamweaver 8". Until now, there are many open source programs (such as: DEDECMS, new cloud, mobile easy, DZ, etc.), in this has fallen behind the old webmaster, we here new webmaster how to develop, how to survive?

under this question, I spent 160 yuan to buy the space and the domain name. At that time, I want to make a QQ class post. I think there are a lot of people who want to see it. At that time, Baidu also referred to several QQ code networks. So find a set of DEDE CMS, collected a lot of QQ class content. As a result, two months down, put a lot of click ads, traffic is always three, four hundred IP. And when the click ads were going to reach $one hundred, the advertiser turned it off. Don’t give me the money, I was mad. It hasn’t been one hundred yuan for so long. In the back, with the help of friends, registered the GG account.

after this thing, in thinking about "what is the most important thing to do website", many people say that the high cost, technology is not good, and so on. And I think that is "site positioning, promotion operations, rapid profits, adhere to" these four steps. As a result, I chose the QQ code station to locate the post-80s generation. Start website template production, but also need PS, I will not, definitely have to find a friend to do, such as LOGO, publicity and so on. When these things are done, they begin to collect the data of others. One day, there are more than 300-600. As a result, the site will soon have content, but after a period of collection, there is no traffic, dozens of IP every day. May be the Baidu not included my station, the next work is to the major forum for artificial posts. Over time, the result is not there. In the webmaster trading forum message to sell this station, I remember is a big early in the evening, the first person to find me, offer 100 yuan to buy, I want to cry when I check the cost of 100.. I don’t lose money at this time, a person looking for me, tell me what is the SEO, but also helped me to optimize my station, after a week, my station was finally included in Baidu, and 2540 articles. Really happy, I’ll Q the friend, said a bunch of thank him, he gave me 2 words to " ". You have to remember these 2 words,


later, my income was also >

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