Should go on standing for 1 years traffic is only 150

had a dream is to be a webmaster (now am I a) don’t say I only require tens of thousands of monthly income, can earn several hundred when spending money, make money when looking for things on the Internet to do first, do is to pull off the assembly line, which did not know website make money (I was in rural areas to do not know these things very backward) made about a year now. The lower not found some of course also did not make money, the chance to see the website to be able to make money, what time do not know exactly how, only know how to apply for a GG said on the Sina blog can make money, which was good for GG, I casually find a station on the others through the application, start advertising on Sina, but has no money, do not know why, afterwards just know it is no traffic,

did not know what was heard. The flow of money to do Firefox recommended by cheating, and then the others recommend I saved the inside of the GG code into his own, I became the most simple ", never learned website production, he would do some fucks. GG 10 a few dollars to start the site, did not do GG promotion. They say a lie is not the way, do you want to do regular I think so, but I didn’t get the miscellaneous miscellaneous technology website, do, for me too much suffering, ask others to do what the answer is easy to learn. Do a forum, a program installed on it, so my first website started, is actually a forum for employees to work home. I installed the program estimates for 1 weeks, it is estimated that only cattle, I so stupid, for me, the website is like on Mars, do not know what, so friends often ask the question which problems are some simple life problems, the forum set up, start looking for content and everywhere, to put in, every day in the copy and paste, get hundreds of contents, which are included in this Baidu do not know when to speak, only know to see their content is very happy, do not know is to rely on search traffic, for everywhere advertising, later also know what time to know, to see what Baidu is also included, can not say it is not included.

do about half of it every day there are dozens of people to no more than 50 individuals, later found space speed slow, often the website cannot open, let me very depressed, the importance of others say good space also understand this time, but what time do not know how to is good, do not know which space is how to find the (now determined liar) then let me put it, said a good soon, I began to use the universal space, I will give them money in the past to me for a good start, the speed is faster. 2 days later than before soon, I will find them, they do not want to ignore me, or just tell the adjustment, then they see on the Internet is a liar (which they called youbaiheng data, posing as a real youbaiheng data, now do not know where to go) then find my forum The local mobile network forum, he >

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