Network hype secret exclusive reporting Beijing Metro Kroraina beauty mystery

Beijing subway station in Kroraina discovered a mysterious woman, dressed, look calm, as if the outside world come out of the woman, Kroraina female appeared subway uproar, it triggered a strong curiosity on the subway female identity, Kroraina female glamorous image has attracted many passers-by to steal the shot, and modern beauty is different, Kroraina subway woman full of mysterious exotic, a pair of bright eyes smart deep and charming, now we will take you to see a beautiful face of Kroraina subway beauty:

what is the reason, so that this woman from the outside world, why just 3 days time, Baidu index, Baidu users search volume, Baidu Fengyun list, how users pay attention so high?. Exclusive coverage of Beijing Metro Kroraina beauty mystery – the network hype secret, following by Nanning SEO Xiaobian reported exclusive coverage of the Beijing subway Kroraina beauty mystery – secret network hype, we work together to explore, behind this amazing woman’s story.

1, event marketing positioning

the marketing event occurred in July 13th, wearing a strange beauty in Kroraina and the Beijing subway, which caused concern and attention to the behavior of pedestrians, continue to pick up their mobile phone to Kroraina beauty shot the most beautiful the Kroraina beauty photographed. Just three days later, because of the beauty of Kroraina walking everywhere in Beijing, caused by pedestrians and netizens attention and hit, everybody wants to know about the Kroraina girl under mysterious veil face is how.

we can locate the event marketing, event marketing for because our website, one can introduce a large number of sites for traffic, can make use of the event marketing marketing for their websites or enterprises to create event marketing marketing effectiveness. So when we’re going to use event marketing for marketing, we should consider the following factors.


1, the event marketing has attracted the attention of netizens and hit high; 2, the event marketing is fresh and curious, innovation, is in accordance with the combination of products, enterprise event marketing marketing; 3, whether the event marketing has marketing value. Therefore, we have to account for event marketing, marketing, we must consider whether the event marketing on our website or enterprise bring about what is the effect of the event marketing whether it has event marketing, marketing value.

two, event marketing attention

we have to think about it, because we have to do event marketing, we have to consider whether the event can bring value to the website or the enterprise. We need to consider the following factors in order to carry out event marketing.

1, users concerned about the degree of the hit event; 2, users of the event, 3 curious; users comment on the matter; 4, the user of the event attracted 5 users; the incident, negative attention; 6, users of the share of the event.

for the above 6 points are all hot events from the Internet, for each other

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