Webmaster attitude should be to use rather than rely on the program

with more and more websites like CMS, building a website is becoming easier and easier. Although the webmaster’s choice more, but the real site when it has become hesitant. I often hear some friends are always asking others, what procedures are most suitable to do Taobao customers, which programs make the fastest money, and so on. These friends seem to be into a misunderstanding, as a tool for us to use the program only, not the most produced dependence.

take the most fiery of Taobao customers, many people always find a good guest program around, hoping to build an automatic money making machine. According to the author’s experience, to do Taobao customers, in fact, which procedures are the same, as long as a little understanding of programming knowledge, the mainstream open source program can be modified to their desired effect. And if you can make money, can you produce the biggest profit, but you need to keep learning and exploring before you can.

remembers a friend who asked me what program I used to be a Taobao customer. I said it was WordPress. He denied my practice, saying WordPress is very garbage, it is best to find a program specifically for Taobao customers. But half a year later, my station has been constantly modified, perfect, has been able to obtain a steady income, and friends daily life is still in the search for joy and disappointment in the program spent.

and friends are always looking for Baidu’s favorite source code, hoping to let the site automatically collect updates, and each article can be included, so you can easily count the money. To those who have this idea, I am not sure that he must be dreaming, and it is a very beautiful daydream. Whether online or offline, making money is not a simple matter, we need to go through a rough process. There is no such thing as a free lunch, and even if it is opportunistic, it will never last long.

love martial arts friends know martial arts master can cut the enemy in the invisible when they reach the highest level, without a sharp sword is tough, every tree and Bush weapon. It’s the same thing to do the website. Any program must have many shortcomings, but it doesn’t affect us to use it to realize our originality. As long as the good use of these resources, let them for their own services, then the program can also become a cornucopia of garbage. If the search for the perfect system the so-called single-minded, can only lingering headway in the starting point line, because the dependence on the program has you thinking has been imprisoned. If only by a small dragon sword martial arts make a living away from home, that once his knife is lost and what the defence and attack


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