CEO no Xiangjun wayward financing business has to do with the utmost good faith



/ Zhang Lake

From the start to four

street in Huidong, which lasted 1.5 hours through more than half of Beijing City, finally in the dense high voltage line surrounded by four building — neither find here desolate, not busy, a combination of large city urban and rural feeling like this is very suitable for palm reading have insisted, also have the ideal team as office locations.

remembered his first time with the palm reading, is accidentally in App Store search books, see it in the forefront, experience is also good. But many books can read 1/10 good times don’t last long, and should continue to read reading cake (palm reading payment instruments, the need to spend money to buy), as Post Bar piracy readers and a member of the party, I uninstalled decisively other palm reading, a free reading App.

again with palm reading, because a friend from other Internet giants, moved to join palm reading. When I wonder why he joined us, he replied:

burn may not be a good business model."

he also contacted a lot of start-up companies, they need a lot of money to support the development of continuous financing. So, is there a possibility that the company started with only 100 thousand users, but they are satisfied with the services provided by the company and are willing to pay. So that the company does not need financing, do not boast, but also can be a benign operation?

"companies can’t promise to grow forever."

before he also contacted many listed companies, continue to increase profits, expand sales company, to meet the increasing shareholder appetite, meet analyst expectations, even do some things that. Whether the enterprise needs to keep growing, if there is no room for how to do, whether there is a long-term and valuable goals, so that enterprises beyond the short-term benefits of concern?

instead of friends found a palm reading, as the palm reading also found him.

palm reading is such a not financing, but also to live well. The founder of Xiangjun in several principles in Internet circles are very distinctive:

does not accept directional financing, to avoid affecting the direction of team development;

does not accept the commercialization of the proposal, the daily opening rate of over 15 million of the home page, but rarely seen advertising figure;

does not take material interests as a code of conduct, willing to do ten years, such as one day to do the public version of the book free of charge, to promote Sinology;


is a niche market, in order to love reading, also decided to invest to do hardware products.

is reading people’s unique paranoia, also has the programmer proprietary calm, I was in the world book day the day before to see a Xiangjun.

he was refined and cultured and say hello, white shirt with a dark shirt.

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