Rookie webmaster use 12 hours to Google included site

first of all, I am a novice, the construction of this site has just begun to contact, so some places are not all right, there is a wrong place, I hope you advice!


just got an CN domain name, want to make a love, love the website (also remind you webmaster to do station also to deal with the real feelings of things Oh, I wish you all find your sweetheart) I am lazy people, before also saw some Adsense online articles feel quite weird, it should be said that it is still on, but I do not want to practice, is the main trouble again to find the friends of the chain, but also to know where to post Baidu post. Lazy people are lazy, their own saying, that is not excessive optimization, so as not to be K.

So I

how did it go to him, the beginning is on my blog to do a chain (so if their website is good, want to add a chain and chain, but my blog PR only 1), and then to collect the 1W data like this. Then, anyway, after about 12 hours, GOOGLE has been included, Google included is fast, but now Baidu has not included, I believe that as long as you persevere, Baidu will be included in my


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