Team building the 15 essential competencies of a leader

do not want to be general soldiers, not good soldiers, do not want to be the leader of the staff, not good staff. Ha-ha。 But the leadership is not everyone can be, should have the corresponding ability, I understand the leadership should be at least 15 of the following, I do not say you have ah, purely personal YY, if you want to see YY, a few of which have their own.

1, team culture building capacity

, a large number of people will feel that leadership is used to assign work to others, their idle, nothing to use. Such people do not rule out, but a good leader is definitely not. He’s the biggest influence on the team.


team culture benefit is that employees can complete their work without any supervision under the condition of good team culture can make a negative people who work hard work, also can make a hard working man negative work. So, in fact, when the team is small, rely on management, and rely on culture when the team is big. And a team has what kind of culture, depends on the team leader, his character determines the culture of the whole team. So we look at the culture of a team, you can understand the team leader, but also through the team leader can see the team culture.

When the old teacher told me a

teaching experience, from a student who can know what his parents, from their parents can also know what the child is like this, in fact, experience is also suitable for viewing a team and team leader.

2, responsibility for the whole team,

an employee has a problem, is his own problem, all employees have problems, must be the leadership problem. Leadership has an inescapable responsibility for a team. So this responsibility is actually very easy to find a team, strong execution is not strong, not unity, is not positive, the main focus is on working hard to complete the target or in idle wrangling, had each other, see the number, if it is an individual phenomenon, that can not be too leadership accountability to head but, if the entire team, or the majority of people are like this, it is the responsibility of leadership, not what to say.

3, the ability to withstand pressure

As the development of

and everyone, team development can not be Everything is going smoothly. in the face of difficulties, difficulties, can hardly be avoided, employees can complain, but the leadership not, at least not complain in front of employees, leaders complain will allow employees to lose confidence, so the pressure can force stronger than ordinary employees, at least one must know how to cut teeth pharynx to the stomach, is not very obvious. Like the Long March, everyone said that the party would not be wrong if it followed the party. But did the party really know where to go? Not necessarily. But don’t know, pretend to know.

4, leader is role model,

When I was in

middle school, my head teacher told me in a single sentence: "the person is right and there is the right person."

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