What is the content and function most users want to see on the website

Forrester Research, a market research firm, has more than 5000 consumers involved in this online user survey: consumers:

, the first to see the content from the web site, is the result of user voting, content and user comments, up to 64% of respondents.

second, and 61% of respondents wanted to see coupons and special promotions.

third bit is the website product or price contrast function, this has 59% user support.

other popular products include website testimonials, certificates (49%), product videos (44%) and mail subscriptions, and RSS subscriptions (39%).

The content and function of

games, fun tests, and user generated content are also welcomed by the year after 80s. For people of all ages, the most important thing that everyone agrees with is website usability.

see if there are any things that users want and need to see most, if not, as soon as possible, improve the user experience,


approach: if the enterprise website is:

number one: write down your client case, write down your client’s comments on your company and make sure that you use your services more safely.

second: more coupons and promotions, such as this week’s purchase, immediately cheaper 200 yuan, or buy things, Swiss watches. Or buy more than 50 clothes, one more gift.

third: to provide the website of the enterprise certificate, qualification certificate, write the story of enterprise entrepreneurship, users have a strong attraction, and increase user recognition.

integrate these things in one piece, to everyone harmonious impression is web design, excellent design, very good to enhance the corporate image.

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