USA and other foreign virtual hosting using comparative comments

, USA and other foreign virtual hosting using comparative reviews – shopping guide

in the purchase of foreign host has two year history, the development of the virtual host personal space service here soon, with a lot of virtual space, compared with many foreign virtual host service provider, in the beginning for virtual host network space in Chinese with foreign virtual host is little, the foreign virtual the introduction of the host data almost no comment, only through foreign virtual host website pages for comparison, hoping to find the cheapest ideal hosting space.

the past two years, in the virtual host buy spent a lot of money also accumulated a lot of experience, from the aspects of price, function, business support services have a lot of understanding, here is the brief summary, select several foreign best cheap hosting, and introduced the highest energy virtual host taking to you, hoping to be helpful to those who intend to buy foreign virtual host space friends, exempt from money troubles.

one. Why buy a foreign virtual host website space,

?The first important reason for

to buy foreign virtual host is cheap, such as a 10G capacity virtual hosting space, each year in the country may need 1000 dollars, but in the United States hosting GoDaddy a year is 189 yuan, ASP, (now the United States data center in the promotion, 10G Godaddy American space with a year the SSL certificate and a year of independent IP to send a COM domain name only 319 yuan!) according to the price difference of about 7 times. Why are foreign virtual machines cheap? Because they use large-scale industrial production, and the number of products is doubled, and the cost drops by 31%. Similarly, in the virtual hosting, website, space, industrial areas, the more customers of the virtual hosting business, and the management costs have not increased. As a result, the price of a virtual hosting product can be as low as possible and inexpensive to satisfy consumers. And the domestic virtual hosting market is not mature and perfect, and there is no effect of mass economy. The management cost and propaganda cost of the virtual host are very high, which is also common in the early stage of market development. Second, the important reason is that the foreign virtual host eliminates the trouble of filing, and it does not fear the pain of being fined because of the failure to increase the content. As the saying goes, the record is equal to the press. Third, the important reason is convenient for international trade and foreign customers of the company website, access to use. Avoid the tragedy of the loss of customers because the speed of access is unbearable because of the small export of Chinese networks.

three. What are the factors to consider when buying a foreign virtual host?

Can the

1. IP address be accessed to the


first of all, if your virtual host site users are going to be domestic, the only thing you have to consider is to buy an independent IP, because it’s easy to share IP

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