What kind of professional skills does the website operation manager need

on the Internet, doing 2 years of drudgery, 3 years of operations, during the series of product planning, amidst the winds of change over the net, sales network, alliances, SEO, push the website analysis and other duties. Since the title changed to operations manager, I will knock on wood "Zen" daily reference: operation manager what is what ultimately wood job! Ready to accept either course, but after all the searches! A manager, if not out of point to a relaxed mood, a few isolated words and phrases, so throw some bricks out, in order to elicit the princess the A Jiao


: it does not operate a brick gang

is the first job in school, belonging to the network sales department, the highest leadership as director of operations, no operation manager. Based on the job content, the network marketing department divides 4 groups: SEO group, network editing group, design group and planning team. Website editor as product manager and network promotion duties, responsible for new channel planning and low-cost marketing executive! SEO group is responsible for site optimization and data statistical analysis, website design group support network marshalling and planning group work, planning group is responsible for the user operation > brick two: Operation Manager of IT vertical portal,

second job is the IT vertical portal, my post is the operations manager, but it belongs to the product technology department. At that time our department structure is: Deputy General Manager of direct management, the Department set the product group, group technology, design group, and later because to do the IT community SNS community, so set up a post operation manager, the flower falls on my head. At this time, the main work I do is community promotion, recruitment and operation of core users. For example, do a lot of online and offline activities, content type thematic planning and promotion, large customer community marketing support and so on, the site operation 108 will sprout in this.

brick three: offline enterprise Internet sector operations manager

third jobs finally have a special operating department, led by the operations director, set up under the network editing group, customer service group and operations support group. My position is operations manager, affiliated with operations support three level department. The network editor in charge of the various branches of the enterprise business contacts, website editor, customer service group is responsible for receiving IM and 400 telephone consultation and business transformation, operations support group is responsible for the communication with the technical department, product department and market department, and based on the data of each department website brothers put forward opinions and suggestions.

according to my previous work experience, I draw the following conclusions:

1 operations manager this post because of the Internet product form, responsibilities are also different. For example, the community operations manager, to achieve revenue content through the user operation means reasonable purpose; (UGC) portal because editing content, is actually so as editor in chief of Operations Manager (or director) role, the main character is actually operating editors; online for users, is the most important online content providers >

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