Zhang Zetian virgin cast operating box A round of financing 10 million

operating box today announced the acquisition of $10 million A round of financing, by a good future investment, Liu Qiangdong, Zhang Zetian (tea sister), angel investor association with the star cast. Operating box is a focus on the field of K12 internet education company, which is a good future after the light tutor, in the field of attack again, but also Zhang Zetian (milk sister) of the first investment projects.

as "Chinese Google Classroom" operation box with mobile Internet reshaping operations, by taking over the field of K12 students’ homework scene, connecting teachers and students, learning knowledge map records, generation of students, based on big data, help the teachers to teach students in accordance with their aptitude. In the future, the operating box will become a personalized learning platform for students to learn all kinds of docking, learning resources super platform.

is currently operating box has launched two products for middle and high school "operation box" and "quick mobilization for the primary school". Products since March this year on the line, has been in Beijing, Shanghai, Harbin, Taiyuan and other seven provinces and cities, more than 1000 schools put into use.

operation box by the Internet causes pulse technology founder, serial entrepreneur Liu Ye, the former general manager of Baidu Strategic Cooperation Department Wang Ke, former Intel China District Education Director Jia Xiaoming, co founded in July 2014, is the initial creation of the star of Lenovo $1 million a day to make the investment, the company’s core development, mainly from Baidu, the operation team ali.

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