How to integrate resources to ensure the long term nature of community education in Yaohai

in the modern society, everyone’s life has a lot of time is used in the study above, whether in learning or in life, learning is the main way to obtain knowledge. For better development of community education, growing streets, three community community education in Yaohai District, the integration of resources advantage, build brand oriented characteristics, actively cultivate talents, strengthen the community construction, the main front of the school to build lifelong learning activities of the brand.

sound institutions to actively train talent

Yaohai district has formed a district, street, community three community education management system and operation network, in 2012 the district was named Anhui community education experimentation area. According to reports, the three District in Mingguang Road, street street, 2 street is a national community education demonstration street, and 4 street to the provincial community education demonstration street, 7 street for the city community education demonstration streets.

, the district set up a community education institute and listing. 2016, Three Mile Street happy children’s club won the most popular people’s favorite activities in Anhui brand project, Mingguang Road, He Jianjun was named the province of the people learning star.

for better development of community education, the growing community streets, three community education work team, the increasing job training, actively cultivate talents, discover talents, the establishment of a modern education to meet the needs of the community development management team. At present, the region has more than 100 people engaged in community education work, 600 community education part-time teachers and nearly 8000 community education volunteers.

according to the Municipal Bureau of Education issued on 2015, the city’s social training tasks notice (CO [2015] No. 220) spirit, Yaohai District, the city’s 13 streets to complete the social training task.

integration of resources to play an active advantage

in the use of resources, strengthen community in Yaohai District of the main front of the school building, the streets and communities to give full play to the role of the school community, and actively organize to community residents as the main body, the adult education is the focus of cultural knowledge and professional skill education and training, and strengthen the close cooperation with various departments, focus on community schools truly become an effective carrier of patriotism education, moral education, legal education, health education, national defense education, science education, laid-off workers, migrant workers, training professional and technical training education.

therefore, the extensive use of various regional areas of high-quality educational resources, expand the community education base, set up all kinds of people at different levels to meet the needs of community residents, community education center and learning activities, so as to work in the region to carry out community education foundation recommended

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