Three types of successful entrepreneurs

what is success trick? Actually think carefully, those successful entrepreneurs who are divided into three categories: WoXinChangDan type, type, type of unremitting resourceful. Entrepreneurial success is not a myth that can not be learned, summed up the experience of previous failures, learning success, is the basis for the road to entrepreneurship!


to wait for the opportunity, experienced entrepreneurs need to start empty-handed hardships, young people are no exception. America · Katz and Dana · Lovett, fought in various industries, in New York for many years, have been looking for a suitable opportunity. An accidental opportunity, Microsoft Corp ordered a number of gift bags to them, which makes them aimed at the multinational gift market. After years of dealing with multinational companies, in 2004 they reached a cooperation agreement with the French packaging industry king, the opportunity to make their sales last year reached $9 million.

resourceful type

At the age of 36 dimensional


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