Recharge 4 Mao changed the 60 thousand man hacking technology to break the site

believe that there are a lot of people for computer hacking will feel very mysterious, and at the same time, now in many countries there are some computer hackers, then, to say the domestic computer hacker that is very powerful.

7 at the beginning of the month, the headquarters is located in Songjiang District town of Jiuting a famous snack company found a strange thing, the company’s official mall payments appear abnormal, account recharge system carrying unprovoked 6 less million yuan. The flow of funds to check one after the company found that since May, the online recharge data has been tampered with more than 40 times: some people deliberately recharge behavior of 0.01 yuan each, 200 to 2000 yuan actual results through technical means to tamper with the recharge.

the suspect after appearing in court confession to the police, in a famous domestic network security issues feedback on the platform to see a posts, the article pointed out the existence of security vulnerabilities of the food company’s prepaid payment system. So Sue combined with the knowledge of the network technology, intercepted the data packets from the company’s servers, and tamper with the cumulative profit of 6 yuan.


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