Hefei tea shop to do before the 3 issues will understand

Anhui is the famous "Xiang tea", as the capital of Anhui Province, in Hefei to open a tea shop is a good investment opportunities, but now on the market almost saturated tea shop also want to do a good job is not easy. There are a lot of tea shop needs to pay attention to the problem, following the whole business of the small series with you know. There are a lot of problems before the tea shop, franchisees have to know. After all, only fully understand the process of joining the tea industry or industry conditions, in order to be more sure to open the store. So, before the opening of tea stores, franchisees to understand which issues?

now join the market many projects, the lack of corresponding management measures. Therefore, entrepreneurs in the selection of new projects to keep their eyes open, do not believe that the franchisee’s false propaganda, so as not to be deceived.

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