How to open a fashion socks shop

in the eyes of many people, socks are not some clothing stores and sell products? Even if the opening of a professional socks shop, the sale is also necessary in people’s daily lives. However, in the United States there is no longer the phenomenon of socks sold in pairs. Socks mix into a trend. Here, the design of each sock with a classic pattern, polka dots, stripes, heart-shaped, flower or wave, there are 4 series: "traditional series", "amazing series", "avant-garde series" and "humor series".

in addition, each sock has a special number. For example, amazing 4, or avant-garde number 25, so easy to collect socks, like the collection of baseball cards, McDonald’s small toys, prompting people to buy more want to buy.

how to open a fashion socks shop?

fashion socks shop to lock target customers

The target customer base of

is the person who does not catch the so-called "consistent" and "symmetrical" fashion rules. Therefore, the sale of socks, do not need any matching guide book, how to match how to match, how many people wear, there are many possible.

fashion socks to find a good place to shop

store is a very important factor. The best choice is that the flow of people and suitable for shopping. Small shops are not suitable for the opening of such a sock shop, because this shop is leading fashion, it needs a large number of young fashion consumer groups.

fashion socks store sales means to novel

recommended to buy more concessions for the principle of socks with 1, 3, 5, 7 and other singular packaging. In addition, the owner and the sales personnel necessary to defy the law, they wear the mix of socks, wearing them to see clients like a living sign block.

operating costs of fashion socks shop

(1) rent and renovation costs: the best area of about 30 square meters, the annual rent and renovation costs about $100 thousand.

(2) for the first time: the cost of goods according to the quality and quantity of goods, plus their own labor and travel expenses, $10 thousand is necessary.

(3) labor costs: the need to hire a buyer, clerk at least 4 people, the monthly salary of about $4000.

fashion socks store investment income

opened early, the possibility of profit is not large, open the market will take some time. Proposal >

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