What do you recommend in 2015

a lot of entrepreneurial projects, but it is very difficult to find their own, people are looking for gold suction project. What business do you do in 2015? You must be thinking about it, too? Today, we will introduce the 2015 popular entrepreneurial projects for entrepreneurs reference.

1, degradable environmental protection flowerpot

2015 what business? At present, there are several kinds of flower pots on the market, such as wooden pots, mud pots, porcelain pots, plastic pots. Although the wooden flowerpot is light, but there is no color, mud pots and porcelain pots good ventilation, beautiful flowers, but too heavy, the price is higher, the plastic flowerpot air permeability is not good, easy to pollute the environment. This product overcomes the above shortcomings. At present, mainly exported to the European Union, the United States and other countries, the domestic market mainly in Guangzhou, Beijing, Yiwu and other places to sell.

2, family small garden

2015 what business? With the development of the city to modernization, the high buildings, the rhythm of life, to create a sense of boredom, depression. As a result, people living in the city are increasingly attached importance to the beautification of the living room and office, seeking to hate the natural green decoration. And this product is different from the ordinary flowers and plants bonsai, not only beautify the room, but also to the city people in the experience of planting fun at the same time, to eat their own novice planting vegetables. There is no similar products on the market. Products are mainly in Beijing, Guangzhou, Zhejiang sales, monthly sales of up to 30 thousand to 50 thousand yuan, the market prospect is broad.

3, baby temperature measuring spoon

2015 what business? In recent years, baby supplies market is growing, with an average annual increase of more than 17%, while the spoon is daily necessities, has a broad market demand. 1000 yuan how to start a business? With ordinary spoon, baby feeding, watering, feeding, mother or nurse usually temperature by mouth, there is the possibility of disease infection, and sometimes with milk, water, soup, medicine etc. overheat and burn the baby. The product overcomes the disadvantages, and is more safe and convenient. Usually do not need to do when the family thermometer, can be described as two birds with one stone, the market prospects.

4, dust eraser

5, mobile emergency charger

2015 what business? Buy mobile phone emergency charger. The size and appearance of the product is the same as that of a lady’s lipstick. Due to the charging power supply for the 1.5 volt dry battery, the product can be set up by the unique booster circuit, the voltage will be increased to 5.7 volts to 1.5 volts, can meet the emergency charging of mobile phone use.

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