Starbucks moved away from the site of China World Trade Center as early as possible


has a very big influence in China’s coffee market, millions of people drinking coffee is preferred, can create huge profits every year, and this is a brand, but in July this year moved away from China World Trade Center, there may be many reasons, we can also have a lot of sense, and Xiao Bian here will introduce that location must be as early as possible.
1999 January stationed in Beijing, China World Trade Center, Starbucks’s first store in the mainland in July 2013 to move away from the first phase of the China World Trade Center, re settled in popularity far less than the first phase of the three phase of the />

location to advance the "

up rents rose the most powerful first-tier cities or city, the provincial capital city, the increase will be relatively large." Li Guoyan, deputy general manager of the two or three sides of the Strait told the "venture capital", in the second tier cities, a lot of new department stores, the price of the complex is very high, and will be planning the appropriate format for each floor.