Operating jewelry stores to join the chain form can be profitable

fine jewelry for women to add a lot of charm, the same low-quality accessories make women Diaojia, women to jewelry demand has been great, in recent years, due to the female consumer market continues to expand, the female shop also from large shopping malls and supermarkets in segments, active in the high streets and back lanes. You can then look down.

but with the increase of the shop, the shop is increasingly fierce competition, individual business, distribution of minor jewelry stores scattered, more and more difficult to survive. Some stores opened less than a month, it announced the closure and transfer, therefore, the minds of the operators in order to avoid the same mistakes, have joined the chain to operate this beautiful industry.

look at foreign jewelry industry, they developed earlier, has gradually matured. In these countries, from production to sales have formed a complete system. A study of the back from abroad Mr. Mak said, walking in the street, often can be found in various grades of jewelry stores, point of sale; the shop is full of various styles, various levels of products fully meet the growing needs of consumers.

in China, the industry is still in the primary stage of development. 2000 years ago, China has not yet formed a true sense of the jewelry industry. At that time, the jewelry is only accompanied by a furniture industry, gift industry, flowers, bedding and other ancillary products sales. Over the past 8 years, with China’s economy continues to heat up and jewelry consumption is rising, China has its own jewelry industry.

the emergence of a new industry, on the one hand contains great potential for development, but also means that there are many problems attendant. Because of the jewelry industry have been operating status are relatively scattered, industry competition is becoming increasingly fierce, small jewelry shop in the lack of standardized operation, often do not have enough scale, jewelry store rich variety and eye-catching appearance. This kind of self-employed small adorn article shop cost is high, less kind of goods, but also the lack of cutting-edge fashion product line, so the vitality is weak.

operating jewelry store has a huge space for development, mainly because it can firmly grasp the beauty of women, the pursuit of fashion and volatile psychology. To a domestic brand jewelry, for example, by virtue of its rich legendary color and elegant design style, the jewelry has gradually developed into a classic fashion. A variety of jewelry once listed, it is refreshing, become the leading trend of the market darling.

said the woman and children money is well earned, but the premise is the way to operate properly, if a person’s own difficult entrepreneurial choice than the franchise mode, as the operation of the jewelry business, if the business with a generic name brand product mainly small jewelry shop, bound to meet female consumers beauty the demand, but also will be the big brand chain stores squeezed, so recommended