Recommended high gold content of the United States to join the project

we know that the beauty industry is very fire, so we want to open a beauty shop, then, what are the good beauty to join the project now? Today Xiaobian for everyone inventory, in the fall and winter season, a relatively high gold content of the United States to join the project.

Project: the head nurse


for the crowd: work pressure is too large, serious insomnia, neurasthenia, and habits of people stay up late. Working at the computer, perennial strength decline, cervical disease, migraine, cause skin pores, dark Huang Moguang women, very suitable for this project. And to the autumn and winter seasons, beauty projects to health based.

treatment principle: head of aromatherapy care program is popular in recent years. The chain of beauty salons, and its profit space is very large. Also by white-collar workers alike, many workers to puliti Shakespeare’s name, assigned to the project. The principle of the head fragrance project is also very simple, the use of pure aromatic plant oils, the head, neck and shoulders, dredging meridians to help the body expel toxins.

Item two:

characteristics of footFor the crowd:

treatment principle: by using oil foot care beautician puliti Shakespeare special massage, leg and foot to the customer, so that oil nutrition can quickly penetrate into the skin to accelerate blood circulation in the legs, help to improve the dry skin condition, but also can effectively eliminate edema.

Item three:

facial yoga

for the crowd: women will see that his face, even if you wear a little, but also his face dressed in white and tender. Therefore, facial yoga is very suitable for the face dull, yellow color, dark sink, color obvious women. At the same time, often go to bed late, with makeup to sleep, too much labor in the outdoors, the perennial skin to receive the sun and rain of women is very suitable for this project.

treatment principle: Beautician through their own a pair of dexterous hands, with XXX professional facial yoga products. The use of scraping, warm moxibustion way to improve women’s facial skin problems, so that the skin to restore water >

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