How to improve the service level of restaurant

store level of service is to continue to improve, the store’s service is good, customers can conduct two consumption. Join the restaurant, catering services, we should pay more attention to. Improve store services, bring their own big market. So, how to improve the service level of food and beverage stores?

establish a professional order division.

establish a VIP service team.

set up the system of "unconditional withdrawal".

the implementation of the "distribution according to work, according to the performance of the policy performance reward".

set up a production quality control system, using ABC analysis method, the implementation of elimination system.

the various departments daily "quality management records", the implementation of a full range of quality control.


service to the "real": the superior subordinate service; second line service; the procedure for the next process service for guest service staff.

The key to success in

service management: details, details, details, check, check, or check."

business to a lot of understanding of the restaurant business methods to understand the operation of the restaurant, so that we can help improve the store service, to bring you greater market. We can learn from the success of the case, to avoid more business mistakes. Hope that we attach importance to this issue, lay a good foundation for the development of the store.

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