Open clothing store is very important to do the positioning of the customer base

contemporary people spend time and money on clothes are greatly increased, to set up a prosperous clothing store, do market positioning of customer base is very important to understand the needs of different customer groups to do business, earn a wealth of fashion.

Location of important link

1. children and infants (January -8 years): infant clothing market is not the largest, up to 5-8%, the actual data may be biased. But the infant market is indeed the best. What is the reason? The practice of family planning policy and the improvement of people’s living standard, the aging of the population increase, every child can enjoy multiple grandparents and parents love Grandpa grandmother, so we do not underestimate this about 5% of the market, they are doing the best type.


because the child is the family treasure, so parents generally do not pay attention to price, but is concerned about the healthy growth and clothing comfort. Of course, some parents living in the second tier cities or counties tend to favor the trend and look good, which is part of the customer’s psychology. Pull back to customers is to allow customers to introduce customers, because the mother is generally recommended

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