Open the floor store experience sharing

now the whole society Home Furnishing comprehensive development of the market, at the same time, there are a lot of people entering the market Home Furnishing, began operation of a shop floor, so open floor stores became more entrepreneurs choice, so how to open a good shop floor


to open a good shop floor, the key is to do word-of-mouth marketing". The first batch of customers, are determined by the terminal sales consultant, the second installment, the three leather customers have the level of installation personnel, the fourth, the five batch of customers is determined by the maintenance staff. This kind of visiting service, the system of respect for the customer to buy the whole process; the growing sense of well-being of customers, in addition to moving, or moved, will continue to brand loyalty. We can soothe the nerves of core link lies in the "customer service service" into "customer service care".

1, maintenance tips. When the customer signed the contract in the sales field, do not hurry to politely say goodbye, with visitor to the door of the time, the floor maintenance knowledge to tell customers, the other party will be assured, because customers will realize that we are putting service above profit.

2, file classification. The customer left, according to the level of consumption, residential district level, new and old customers timely judge the surrounding consumption potential, we can provide publicity for its neighbors, it is good for our performance growth, customer friends use more of our products, my pride is stronger.

3, professional installation. Three quality, seven installation, floor industry regulations, the key is to realize the importance of customer please. We in the construction, it is best to the main points of construction in the form of text passed to the customer, to help customers become a decoration expert. Frankly, we don’t even say, a lot of customers in the home decoration will become expert, after all this is the large investment in real money.

4, customer supervisor. The majority of customers especially women love at the installation site that ask this question, we can design common problems into the standard answer, delivery service synchronization customers, give customers a pre installation installation supervision in the process table, as long as the customer can put the check mark to play the whole process of installation, service and communication. This behavior is the customer, the installation of the master, the three parties are responsible for the key link. 5, benchmarking demonstration. During the installation of the floor, upstairs and downstairs will inevitably receive noise harassment, ahead of the stairs, the door, the balcony affixed to the eye of the apology pop dispute will be much less. Neighbors, friends and relatives of a construction of other people will look for have a look, we prepare some printed logo brand key buckle, playing cards, and to the scene when the customer finished, even if we give these souvenirs, for customers to regain. In this way, each installation is a sample project. Form a benchmark role in the customer’s circle.

6, customer sentiment training. Customers are using the product of the whole process, there will be more than a little less than the mentality of the problem, there will be many problems to overcome their own, but the habit of being prone to the problems of the recommended

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