What are the errors in early education franchise investment

early education industry has always been the focus of attention of investors in the gold industry, and now the investment team continues to expand, many novice actually no experience, it is easy to walk into some errors. If you want to know what is wrong with the early investment in the club shop to see what!

early enrollment franchise motivation biased. The so-called "join motivation bias" is to think that you can join what you can not do, all by the headquarters to manage. The same early childhood education programs, the same quality of support and guidance, the same supply system, but there will be different operating results, the reason is that each franchisee mentality is different. In the headquarters to provide sound support, early education and investment efforts to join the alliance is also a major factor in success. According to Zhuo people early education organization Zhu teacher, every year to join zoren children’s education project of entrepreneurs are far more than expected, however, after many tests, prepare for some alliance partners, staff is to persuade them to give up, the reason is that this type of early childhood friends first know nothing, and not to understand just think, "early education of good money, so do the early education".

Early Education Alliance too confident, away from headquarters. Many members have made such a mistake: after the formal operation of children’s education project, although the beginning of the shop and got help many headquarters, but once the performance is stable, the headquarters of the operation skills, guidance, product promotion plan, will no longer be ignored. This is a dangerous approach because it is easy to get out of touch with the market. Most people like Zhuo early education and other brand development institutions, headquarters would regularly from the market demand of some adjustment of the product sales policy, which requires the franchisee to maintain and keep step with headquarters together in business strategy will be adjusted. Only the formation of a joint with the headquarters, to keep pace with the franchisee in order to achieve better results.

early investment errors in the store can actually invest a lot of investors, the wrong way, if you want to do a good job of investment preparation, do not want to detour, a lot of attention to some professional advice is very good. Quick to learn together with xiaobian!

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