Recommended in 2016 small venture

new year, we all want to find a suitable for their own small entrepreneurial projects to operate, we may ask, what are the small entrepreneurial projects in 2016? Xiaobian to recommend some crush small business project, please come and have a look!


early educationMore than half of households in the city Chinese

hopeful is the general mentality China parents for their children, many parents think "rise head and shoulders above others, spend more energy and money value". Therefore, the children’s early childhood is a new round of upsurge, all over the country have run the art classes, dance classes, piano classes, business is booming. Investment in early childhood institutions threshold, an average of about 10-20 million, the site is more suitable for children’s palace, children’s entertainment venues and schools nearby. The key to winning in the competition is to choose a teacher who is familiar with children’s psychology and has some practical experience. However, as long as the business is on the right track, the future of the students simply do not worry, a year and a half can fully recover investment.

above the cost of these items is not great, belongs to small businesses, if you intend to invest in 2016, then these items >

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