How to greet customers correctly

customer into the store, whether consumer or not, as a qualified name, natural need to greet customers. However, the greeting is also a skill, only the correct greeting, to be able to attract consumers. So, how to say hello to the customer?

to greet customers correctly is a basic skill for sales staff. How can we do it right? Right to greet customers is to strive to achieve the enthusiasm for specific performance:


1. accurate

refers to the sales staff to the customer from the address to the language should strive to express accurately. For example, appellation, for foreign customers in general the man known as "Mr.", the woman known as "Miss", such as the understanding of each other has been married to be called "Lady" or "Lady"; for domestic customers should be based on age and gender differences were referred to as "Mr.", "Uncle", "Uncle" "Grandpa," or "Miss", "sister", "aunt", "aunt", etc..


address should be exact, ask at the beginning of the language should be accurate and appropriate natural decency. For example, some sales staff to see the customer after someone asked: "what do you want?" "What are you going to buy?" These are extremely inappropriate questions, the more appropriate method should be: "Hello, what do you want to see?" Hello, do you need my help?"

implied meaning is "no matter what you want to see the goods, I am willing to help", "although you see, the good choice." This makes customers feel the sales staff on their own choice of respect, he was obliged to help you solve a problem, instead of urging to buy their own things, this will make the customer moved, as fast as possible, as much as possible to buy goods.

2. active

sales staff should not only in the necessary circumstances, timely and proactive to greet customers, but also to provide active service through questioning, showing a work carefully, responsible for the spirit of the customer.

3. greetings

most people would think that the greeting is expressed concern and wishes the courtesies to relatives and friends, with sales work is not directly related, but in fact, it can promote the quality of service, to create a Guests feel at home. atmosphere, set up shop enthusiasm for customer service good image and win long-term customers more.

of course, because of the relationship between different business and other reasons, this greeting greeting is different from family, friends and relatives between being, it is the sales staff according to the specific circumstances the customers come to the store with the temporary one or two short greeting. It concerns the

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