Graduates start cake shop opened two stores 5 years

people’s way of life has changed a lot, eating cake to become a part of the high quality of life, cake shop business is not surprising. The following small series to introduce a graduate students to start a cake shop entrepreneurial process.

in the new North Road Shaoxing City No. five, a "Xintian baking cake shop, is a little different from other cake shop, the store is not only bright and spacious, and in a corner of the shop stocked with a round table, two chairs, the table also played a few magazines and a little leisure. Taste.

the out of the ordinary cake shop owner, is just out of college just two years of young people – Tao Liqun two hours, six graduates of Zhejiang University city college. This year, twenty-five years old, after graduation to start their own businesses, and now has a chain of cake and a processing plant in, Shaoxing has become a well-known young entrepreneurs, this year was named Shaoxing venture star.

Investigation of

Tao Liqun is not a small harvest: Shaoxing was the only "YADU", "Ganso" two well-known brand cake shop, the rest are local small cake shops, high-end brand of cake market is relatively vacant, and that Shaoxing is not a cake shop is now selling freshly baked pastries. Tao Liqun entrepreneurial dream positioning in the creation of local high-end cake brand.

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