The legend of Chen Weirong business and home appliances chiefs

every successful entrepreneur’s life can be used to describe the big bright surface, a person’s success is through more years of hard to withstand the pressure, which generally is the fundamental experience not to come out. Now, with a look at the legend, home appliances gangster Chen Weirong remember it and entrepreneurship!


in the history of development of China appliance industry, Chen Weirong is not open around the name. He worked with the Southern China Institute of Technology (now South China University of Technology) radio classmate Huang Hongsheng (SKYWORTH), and (TCL) together, and is called " Southern China household appliances Three Musketeers ". At the helm of the late 1990s, Chen Weirong was a well-known entrepreneur, but also let him become the first Shenzhen Konka sales of billions of industrial enterprises.

" Chen Weirong period Konka, Konka is the best time. But after leaving Konka, rivers and lakes without his legend. A lot of people don’t know what he’s doing. " senior home appliance industry observers Liu Buchen told NetEase finance.

and operating the mobile phone business in Shenzhen eycom due to insolvency to stop operating, let Chen Weirong leave Konka after 15 years of entrepreneurial experience surfaced.

money to repay the suspected speculation

" from last year’s 7, August, the Shenzhen Yitong suddenly changed a number of new suppliers, the original cooperation with some of their relatives have been replaced. No one was paying attention to the situation. " supplier Wang Jun told NetEase finance, " I think maybe old suppliers are friends, they do not want to pit friends. " the end of December 2015, vendors are found strange: billion Shenzhen has not paid the payment of October. After the Spring Festival, when asked to pay the price of Shenzhen billion executives, suppliers have been told, Shenzhen billion will close the phone business.

The person in charge of

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