The legend of a tailor’s life

in social life, some entrepreneurs are often ordinary can be some positive energy to those who are entrepreneurs, people or ready to start, then say that an entrepreneur, is a very ordinary entrepreneurs.

summer season, the reporters came to Chen Luanjuan, founder of the new Fujian provincial grid miles card clothing co.. Shabby office, seat hole, table broken edge, even the fans are not willing to use.

"rural people body bone tough, accustomed to hardships." Chen Luanjuan said.

48 year old Chen Luanjuan is Pingnan County town of Xinxiang village primary school culture. In 2005, with a tailor, she founded the clothing factory, 10 years the number of factories were forced to relocate, companies face financial difficulties. "If it weren’t for the government, I wouldn’t be able to carry it today." She pointed to put two documents on the table — the "opinions" of the State Council on promoting innovation and public entrepreneurship peoples several policy measures and the "notice" of Fujian Province on promoting innovation and public entrepreneurship peoples ten measures said emotionally.

tailor started

2007 years, the husband business losses. In the face of huge debts, Chen Luanjuan took his 4 year old son to Fuzhou. When she was sewing, in a garment factory work, she often put my son to sleep in the feet of the cardboard box. 1 years later, she moved to a Taiwan funded enterprises.   "after dinner, went to work in the workshop." The boss moved, within a year, she even up three, from the general quality inspector, the group rose to a large group of monitor, wages have gone up. 5 years later, she paid off the debt.

"to work as their own business." In 2005, Chen Luanjuan returned to the town of Long bridge with Fuzhou’s orders, rented the old granaries do plant, bought a 50 flat car, start a business.

"buying flat body only Yujibai yuan, buried clamp, heat sealing, double needle, jujube and other special equipment has no money to buy. Fortunately, the owner of security, to tune the total price of 40 thousand yuan of special equipment, the solution of the urgent." Chen Luanjuan said.

weary Chen Luanjuan to Fuzhou to find a new recommendation

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