Analysis of the future of migrant workers

although it is difficult to find a good job, is it not easy to find a job? So many people are very satisfied with your life now, don’t want to change, however, and entrepreneurship compared to work is really good? Have you ever thought about your future?

the premise to realize this dream you must have: 1 a seemingly high university degree, or out of the country, there are a few Zhang Liang a red book. Have proficiency in a particular line. 2 never care about personal gains and losses, dignity, in the case of not being able to pay, work hard to win the trust of your boss.

3. need to bow and scrape like a puppy on the boss, the boss personal adulation, attention Men’s feelings are changeable. during the holidays. 4 treat a competitive colleague, to be able to do a set of surface, behind a set of rules must be cleared away all obstacles, has changed the boss of your favor. 5 you are a handsome guy, good temper, he made a millionaire.

If only your ordinary university degree or less, but your skills or ability is good, it is relatively hard, good benefits, good wages in some big companies more difficult, only some small companies take a fancy to you, the end of the wage and welfare don’t want to, the old board hired you to give he will be desperate to make money, you can squeeze, creating benefits for him.

you to promotion, or earn higher wages, we must repeat the above 2, 3, 4, one day earn 1 million, your boss thought: "this time I will have, I see the boss how much money!" Oh ~ ~ boss smiling came: "boy, you work very well! Give you a red envelope, continue to do a good job, promising ah, I will treat you!"

if you life is an ordinary employee, so only by the current micro-blog’s salary, how to buy a house, a car, marry a wife? An analysis of this, so think about or out of business, tired, bitter, I have something to look forward to.

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