How to promote the jewelry store you can do

in the city near the University opened a jewelry chain, the flow is also a lot of people, but why adorn article chain business is not so good? May be propaganda is not in place. Manage to open a small adorn article chain store also want to pay attention to publicity, so, adorn article chain propaganda method?

The propaganda method

posters in chain stores, direct franchise store jewelry show in front of people, this is one of the most direct way of publicity. How to promote the jewelry store? This method is very common, and the cost is also very low, open chain stores to take this approach.

The propaganda method


to lure customers, many chain stores will take gifts in this way, providing incentives for the public, to help boost sales. Based on this, the gift can also be publicity, with a method to get two kinds of effects, of course, better.

The propaganda method


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