nvestment is not easy to set up shop to make money

a lot of shops are always struggling to find a good way to attract customers, the total can not go door to door to promote their products. Therefore, it is important to find a good business model. Here are some investment advice, hoping to help more investors.

Industry Forum

become the industry experts

word-of-mouth marketing

and investors to maintain frequent and informal contact

in all kinds of investors will participate in informal activities or associations, because these groups, many people are now or future financing. You in Beijing in the Su coffee garage exposed to a variety of angel investors, can also get a lot of entrepreneurs in Jason  the proposed Yin run by the club in meters.

occasionally visit former colleagues and customers

usually but often go to visit old friends or past work together with colleagues, of course, certainly not only need them to bring some help for you. At the same time, but also their own entrepreneurial ideas to share.


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