Bureau of land and resources 30 attitude to provide convenience for returning entrepreneurs

returned home to gradually increase the number of entrepreneurs, rural land for the inland counties to take an innovative entrepreneurial boom. Hengfeng County Bureau of land and resources for the return of entrepreneurial personnel to provide intimate services, decentralization, to create a convenient and easy to start a chain of service chain in Shangrao.


"at first the idea is with the family together, as long as one family can support good, I want to stay." Zou Rongchun was very simple when he started the brick factory. In recent years many years in foreign migrant farmers used to learn proficiency in a particular line and the accumulated funds back to business, or to start a business or carrying forward their development of planting and breeding. Although migrant workers return home business have their advantages, but not familiar with the development and change of hometown in recent years, do not understand the functional departments of the administrative examination and approval, restriction of various unfavorable factors to some entrepreneurial desire of migrant workers "quit", too many difficulties in the process of entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship to force the lead "small boss" look "Xiang" sigh.

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