85 years after the sale of diamonds sold nearly ten million beauty network

entrepreneurial stories are numerous, many of them counter attack cases, the 85 after the beauty staged a counter attack again entrepreneurial story. From the knock on the door to sell the diamond to sell a big success on the Internet, along the way is not easy.

2009, just graduated from the University 22 year old girl Chen Lanlan borrowed 30 thousand yuan to the family to do poineering work, did not expect a small diamond, has attracted only know to sell clothes and umbrella in the dormitory he had her about one hundred thousand debt fight to win or die, and then she pulled out the cause of the low road in Chengdu, founded their own jewelry brand, with annual sales of nearly 10 million yuan.

"the most sad, think of a diamond can have 58 section of the flickering glow of our possibilities, why not more than that?" In December 15, 2014, when Chen Lanlan to look at his career, she did not think the wrong way and business partner Cui Ning, "we can also become a China type female partner!"

2009 key words: Entrepreneurship

2009, Sichuan college graduates 276 thousand and 300, about 80% to successfully find a job at graduation. This does not include the 22 year old Chengdu University of Technology Department of advertising graduates Chen Lanlan.

"parents wanted to find a relationship, let me into a business unit, but I don’t want to." Chen Lanlan’s college roommate and Cui Ninglian stalls selling clothes and go to Lotus Pond into an umbrella umbrella to the school, earn 3 dollars 5 cents. Sell the rest of us will be loaded into the bag, the door to door to door to sell, not sell not stop."

To persuade parents

2010 Keywords: looking for project

in 2009, shooting private film or a new thing. Chen Lanlan’s project successfully passed the audit of Chenghua District university students entrepreneurial base, became the first batch of college graduates in Chengdu entrepreneurial base. She received free office space, as well as a few million interest free loans.

but because of a disagreement with a partner, a few months after Chen Lanlan took 30 thousand yuan out of the principal recommendation has been profitable

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